MOCA-2021 – Doğuş University, Kadıköy ISTANBUL

18 May 2021 Tuesday


Perspectives towards Intercultural Awareness in EFL Settings

Within the last few decades, global use of English has led to the emergence of different “Englishes” spoken by different people around the world who utilize and modify it in accordance with their cultural values, norms and perspectives. Such globalization of English has raised a lot of questions challenging the “ideal native speaker” notion in the field of English language teaching. It has been widely argued that due to the current role of English as an international language, English language teaching is expected to expose learners to different varieties of English rather than endorsing native speaker norms. With the globalization breaking down barriers among nations, the aims of language teaching and learning have now involved promoting the understanding and acceptance of other cultures and one’s own. Bearing this in mind, it is put forward that students need to be encouraged to acquire intercultural awareness while learning English in order to communicate successfully in multicultural situations.

MOCA 2021 aims to obtain valuable insight into the perceptions of English language instructors and learners towards intercultural awareness in preparatory school classes with regard to ownership of English, teaching and learning culture, classroom practices to enhance intercultural awareness, challenges and suggestions concerning the matter.


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